MAGS ARE BETTER: Vignes du Maynes!

Mittwoch, Oktober 16, 2019

2009 Manganite was our first one. This game-changing Gamay out of the legendary “Clos des Vignes du Maynes” (founded back in 910, organic since 1954, 3rd Generation of…

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Christian Tschida. Kapitel I. A Tribute.

Montag, Oktober 14, 2019

Friday Night. Just another evening in that life on the wineroads. Done for the day. Weekend. Thirsty. A craving for a fresh, slightly chilled red entering my mind….

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New Arrivals: delicious reds for all occasions.

Dienstag, Oktober 8, 2019

Finding delicious natural wines is easy. But finding them at a certain price tag – in a certain desired quality – can be tricky. This is why we`re…

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The Chardonnay Masterclass

Donnerstag, Oktober 3, 2019

Great, emotional Chardonnays – both. Yet if enjoyed together they’re nothing less then one of the coolest & most delicious wine-lessons you can experience. Same vintage, same vines,…

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Long awaited arrival: 2018 Mauvais Temps!

Freitag, September 27, 2019

So ready for all this. So ready for a bit of grey skies, raindrops, all these wonderful colors, the fresh air & the whole beautiful package that Is…

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Eric Kamm: Pinot Gris Pirate.

Samstag, September 7, 2019

Pinot. Pinot Gris! That colour u wonder? Skins of that variety’s grapes are always leaning towards red – yet usually pressed directly. It s the fermentation on skins…

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Pauline Broqua – delicious wines from the middle of nowhere

Mittwoch, Juli 17, 2019

When I left the motorway I could hardly believe it. Another 1.5hours? On such little tiny streets? Up & down, left & right? Wow! I had known that…

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Maison Libre goes “Academie du Vin”

Sonntag, Juli 7, 2019

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass unser lieber Hagen (a.k.a Insta: “la_soif_et_moi”) von der führenden Sommelierschule der Schweiz, der Académie du Vin gebeten wurde ein abendfüllendes Atelier zum Thema Vins Libres,…

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Angels kissing spring: Birdscape 2018.

Montag, Juni 17, 2019

Single Barrel, Single Vineyard, Pink Maceration. In between rosé & red. All about cherries, red berries, stonefruits, spices. Complexity & depth yet such an incredible flow & mouthwatering…

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Les Dolomies – Electric Savagnin straight out of the jurassic hills.

Montag, Juni 10, 2019

Beautiful Jura – or as I like to call it, the “Shire” of the natural wine world. Gentle Hills, forrests, meadows, vineyards – a lovely mix that both…

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