BOAT ROCKERS – The german red wine revolution pack


You like your redwine big and strong and anything below 14% isnt really wine for you? Ok, save your time and stop reading.

But say you like your wines to be on the fresher side, elegance, “finesse” is what you`re after, complexity, drinkability. Oh my – we got something for you. 3 german reds that are challenging the status quo, that are “rocking the boat”, that are mixing up all our prejudice and are redefining our perceptions of what german redwine can really be.

Enderle & Moll have been the frontrunner in this game. Their 2010 vintage Pinots, produced in a bigger garage kind of, already excited many wine lovers all across the globe. You like big bad burgundies? Taste this 2016 Pinot blind and tell us what you think. Do not compare prices if you dont want to get upset.

Collective Z redefines a grape variety nobody took even seriously. “Portugieser”. Old vines, tiny vineyard in this idyllic “Bern Valley” where you can hear but hardly see the church tower of Leistadt. Try this wine yourselves & decide if Portugieser from old vines is something you want in your wineglass more often.

Bianka & Daniels “Merlot” could easily be the most exciting Merlot you ve ever tasted. We say that because the Bordeauxs you had might have been great, big wines, but chances are – they werent very exciting or surprising. This wine is. Cold climate Merlot, full of life. No added SO2, the “wild child” in this box but what a beautiful one! We poured this wine in Geneva during a wine fair & on that day this wine was the big surpriser on our table, people couldnt believe this wine was produced in Germany!

We love to challenge the status-quo & we would love to have you on our side – so for one week we`re offering this box of 3 bottles at a discount! Grab yours & enjoy this delicious revolution!

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