Clos des Vignes du Maynes – Dream Team (a Chardonnay Masterclass)


Imagine this: two bottles. Same Vintage. Same Winemaker. Same Parcelle. Same wine. Yet one bottle had received a tiny dose of SO2 (10-20mg/L) for stability & has been aged 12mths. The other: naked. No So2 at all but longer ageing, 18mths on fine lees, for that extra bit of stability.

Wouldnt this be fun? Wouldnt this be a fine lesson on the impact of SO2 on wines? A fine lesson on natural wines in general! Let us assure you: it is also an extremely delicious, a truely moving & touching comparison. 2 great Chardonnays – so close to each other & yet so far away. We have 12 x 2 bottles of this outstanding experience reserved for wine lovers. It hardly gets any more exclusive – the Léandre allocation for all of Switzerland was 48 bottles!




Grape Variety Chardonnay 100%
SO2 Total Léandre: 0 So2 / Aragonite ard 10-20mg/L So2 added
Alc. 12.5%
Contents 0.75l
Soils Surface (15 – 50cm): Ton/ typisch burgundischer Kalkstein. Rock below: typisch burgundischer Kalkstein mit Aragonite Kristallen. 
Winemaking Manual harvest into small boxes. Careful selection process. Slowly pressed. Spontaneous fermentation in large oak vats. No additives, no enzymes, no nothing. Aged in large oak vats also, Aragonite was 12mths on fine lees, Léandre 18mths. No racking on both.

Handernte in kleine Kisten, aufwendig verlesen in mehreren Durchgängen. Schonend gepresst . Spontane Vergärung in grossen Holzfässern. Keine Zusatzstoffe, keine Enzyme. Ausgebaut in grossen Eichenfässern, 10 Monate auf der Hefe belassen ohne Racking

Recommended drinking temperature Fresh from your fridge. But dont you dare to put these beauties on ice. They are wonderful between 10 and 12 degrees. 
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