Domaine Geschickt – Cadavre Exquis


Beautifully Crazy. Innovative. Deep. Delicious. Complex. Big barrel soléra & 5 years of deliciousness within a bottle. 

Back in 2015 they started with juice from different pinots (blanc, gris, auxerrois, noir) and this beautiful old barrel of 2600l. A year later a fraction of that wine was taken out & the new 2016 vintage added to fill up again. Same in 2017. Same in 2018. In 2019 they bottled 1300 first bottles of this “réserve perpétuelle”. Almost radiatingly yellow, deep, complex, raisins, herbs, salt, ripe apples and stewed apples. Incredibly soft mouthfeel, gentle and powerful at the same time. Big wow! If you wanna impress with something truly special & rare: this is it! 

The name derives from this famous “game” the surrealists came up with in which one person starts with a phrase or painting & another person continues & another person continues so that eventually you have this crazy/silly phrase or picture. The first ever sentence compiled this way was “Le Cadavre Exquis boira le vin nouveau”. The label was drawn by different artists following this process.



Weingut Domaine Geschickt
Traubensorte Pinot Blanc, Pinot Auxerrois, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir
SO2 nothing added
Alkohol 14%
Böden Limestone & Granit
Vinification “Réserve perpetuelle” from a 2600l barrel. Every year a fraction is bottled and the barrel is filled up with the new vintage.
empfohlene Trinktemperatur 14°

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