Doug Wregg, The Real Alternative Wine Glossary


In Doug Wreggs little booklet “The real alternative wine glossary” youre being taken on a ride through 30 years of wine buying. 30 years! This is about how long Doug has been travelling the wine roads, has been buying the worlds finest natural wines, has been speaking to the most legendary winemakers, to the youngest upcoming winemakers. With a notebook, a pen in his hands & a big fat smile on his face. Loving what he does. Enjoying it truely, having a laugh more often then not.

The sort of stuff he`d scribble in his notes, the abbreviations, the word plays he d come up with, the words in foreign language that made him chuckle or misunderstand….The Real Alternative Wine Glossary is a lovely little book which could also be named “The World of Wine according to Doug”.

If you ve ever met him, the warm, heartfelt hug, the smile, the passion – this is how you imagined a wine buyer to be like. Who better to learn from?



A Note on Pricing of this Booklet: Doug is donating all profits form this slim volume to the World Wildlife Fund. We love this idea – wine is our passion & wine is what we (try to) live from – books like this are all about inspiration & we are more than happy to follow Dougs lead! So given we have roughly CHF 5,- priced into the CHF 19,- & given it costs us a few CHF to store, to process orders, to package etc – we are going to donate CHF 2.50 per Book sold.

Donate on What? We are going to use these proceeds to plant trees. 2019 it became clear to everyone around us, that we have fewer birds & fewer insects around. One could feel it, see it, hear it even (it was unusually quiet in the mornings – years back we would hear birds all around our house). So in 2020 we will try & plant new trees in our neighbourhood. We will approach farmers, landowners & ask them if we have their approval to plant new trees on some of their land. We hope these trees will benefit birds & we how the communication around it inspire people to consider doing the same!


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