Eric Kamm – Pinot Gris (Maceration), 2018


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Traubensorte Pinot Gris
SO2 (Sulphites) Added Nothing.
Alkohol 13%
Flascheninhalt 0.75
Böden weathered vulcano stone & ashes
Vinifikation 1 month maceration with stemms, 5 months in old barriques
Empfohlene Trinktemperatur We take it out of the fridge & let it find it s perfect temperature from there. Somewhere ard 12 degrees we`d suggest.
Bemerkungen Orange Wine? Red Wine ? We dont quite know what to answer. Pinot Gris is considered a white grape variety so “Orange” would be the technical term. Yet just like Grenache Gris – the skins tend to be of a reddish sort of colour & if macerated the wines are typically rosé or even red. But who cares, we like to taste its beauty, that s what counts.


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