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KALSARIKÄNNIT The feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear – with no intention of going out.
We are not kidding you – the finns really do have a word for that. Check it out here if you got any doubts.This package is what our “Chai Wallah” Hagen, a.k.a “La Soif et Moi” would probably go through for this (exceptionally rare) occasion. 


  • Anna – Palmento Bianco. Our finnish wine expert Harri insists: Kalsarikännit is during the day! So I start my boozy brunch with something smooth, low in alcohol, full of flavour from Mount Etna, Sicily.
  • Christian Tschida – Himmel auf Erden Rosé 2018. It starts to feel like holidays here in my chair. And holidays require rosé. For sure.
  • Vignes de Maynes, 910. Well “Rosé” can also be a blend of white & redwine, like they did it back in the year 910 down in burgundy. Plus: I love the spicyness & acidity here. “
  • Werlitsch – Glück 2015. “uhh la la, starting to get a bit tipsy. I need a wake up call. A true explosion of taste & complexity, something big please”
  • Weingut Schmitt – Merlot 2017. “ahh about time for some red” Like every good wine geek, I hate Merlot. Why is this so damn delicious???
  • Okro`s Wines – Saperavi 2017.  “things are getting blurry, let`s stay in red but it has to be smooth & pure fruit”.


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