KALSARIKÄNNIT – Jean-Denis a.k.a “JD”

CHF143.80 CHF130.00

KALSARIKÄNNIT The feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear – with no intention of going out.
We are not kidding you – the finns really do have a word for that. Check it out here if you got any doubts.This package is what our charming blue-eyed Sommelier, a.k.a “JD” would easily go through for this (exceptionally rare) occasion. 


  • db Schmitt: FKK 2018. “Kalsarikännit? Erstma Durst löschen für quarantäne”.
  • Geschickt: Obi Wine Keno Bulle. Fanta für Erwachsene mit Geschmack. Uhhhh j`adore les bulles.
  • collective z: Der Sonne am Nächsten 2018. Sun`s still shining outside, rosé all day.
  • db Schmitt: Erdreich 2018. Let`s get a bit more structured, complex. My favorite “orange” is just that!
  • Domaine Gramenon, Poignée de Raisins 2018. Avec my petite côte de boeuf …il faut du rouge 
  • Christian Tschida, Kapitel 1, 2017. Let`s finish this beautiful day with something pure & fresh & Cabernet Franc.


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