Pauline Broqua – Marin d`eau douce – 2019


Love Story. The landscape of Aveyron. The rare grape variety that is Fer Servadou. The woman making wine all by herselves in. the midst of nowhere. With lots of attitude. Beautifully. And then this fresh red which is way too easy to drink but nowhere near simple or lacking complexity. It is full of positive energy, full of lovely spicy flavours, dark berries from Cab Franc, mouth watering acidity, just enough so you actually do want to finish this bottle. Pauline`s wines make us happy & we hope you will enjoy them too.


Winery / Weingut Pauline Broqua
Grape Variety / Traubensorte Marin d`eau douce: 60% Fer Servadou, 40% Cabernet Franc
SO2 (Sulphites)  10 mg/L added
Alc.  12,5%
Flascheninhalt 0,75 L
Soils / Böden limon sableux granitique
Vinification Ganze Trauben, semi-carbonique, 2 Wochen im Stahltank vergoren. While grapes, semi-carbo, 2 weeks maceration in a steel tank
Empfohlene Trinktemperatur 16°, leicht gekühlt im Sommer / slightly chilled during the summer
Bemerkungen Pauline empfiehlt den Wein etwas atmen zu lassen und dann mit Pot au Feu oder Osso Bucco zu geniessen / Pauline recommends to let it breathe a bit, and then enjoy with a “Pot au Feu” or Osso Bucco.


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