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Friday 27March 2020. 1800. Social Distancing Apéro Nr. 1. Just because we can`t be next to each other doesn’t mean we cant share a tasty little apéro – through Video Call ! Friday 27th we`ll all sit down in front of our computers whilst flattening the curve & we open these 3 bottles together. Bianka & Daniel will call in as well & tell us everything we want to know about these wines & how they were made.

Buyers of these packages receive their “call in details” first & “first come, first serve” applies.




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How is it going to work? The idea is to put everyone on mute to limit disturbing noise – open the mike for us & the Schmitts to chat about these bottles & by the end of each bottle engage you guys with questions via chat or video as you prefer. Don`t worry, this will be easy for everyone: you will get a link, some dial-in numbers and if you have Chrome it will require nothing more. Otherwise you will be prompted to download/install a small app (works also from mobiles).

These 3 wines will be delivered to you in time for the call. Make sure you put Riesling & Erdreich into the fridge & have Spätburgunder somewhere between 16 and 18 degrees (bedroom?). We recommend to caraffe the Spätburgunder or give it some time & air.

  • Riesling Natür, 2018. CHF 19.90
  • Erdreich, 2018. CHF 29.90
  • Spätburgunder 2018. CHF 19.90

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