Weingut Seckinger – Rouge Pure – 2018


Wait! Give us a sec, will ya please? Why you should drink Cabernet Sauvignon from Germany instead of the big bold Bordeaux or Napa Valley wines? Because the climatic conditions have changed. Temperatures have risen. This means palatinate now is much closer to what Bordeaux used to be, back then, when the reputation of Cab S was formed. 12.5% alcohol, freshness, drinkability. Precise flavours of cassis and blackberries, this tiny bit of green peppers we know from Cabernet, a subtle touch of wood from an impressive 21mths of ageing, soft and gentle mouthfeel due to the minimal amount of SO2 added. This is exactly the kind of natural wine your inlaws, your natural wine sceptic uncle, your classic wine loving boss would not just appreciate, but order boxes from.


Winery / Weingut Weingut Seckinger
Grape Variety / Traubensorte 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
SO2 (Sulphites) ca. 20mg/L added
Alc. 12.5%
Flascheninhalt 0.75l
Soils / Böden Red Sandstone Topsoil with Limestone marl underneath
Vinification 20% maceration carbonique, 80% normal maceration of full grapes. Aged for a stellar 21months in used french oak barrels, tonneaux.
Empfohlene Trinktemperatur 18°
Bemerkungen Drink with darker meats, hearty dishes, goose, the acidity cuts through fat easily

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