Weingut Tauss, Sauvignon Blanc, 2018


Alice & Roland Tauss – Sauvignon is probably what Styria is most famous for nowadays. This Sauvignon is exceptional though: produced without any SO2 & yet not oxidized & surprisingly stable. It is still young & somewhat reductive – but give it some air & it becomes pure aromatic Sauvignon joy!


Grape Variety / Traubensorte Sauvignon Blanc
SO2 (Sulphites) nothing added
Alc. 12%. (RZ 0,2 g/l Acidity 5,6 g/l)
Flascheninhalt 0.75l
Soils / Böden Calcareous sand, compressed clay – “Opok” / kalkhaltige, sandige Lehme
Vinification Hand harvested between 12th-14Sep 2017. Destemmed, pressed, some hours of skin contact, spontaneous fermentation & ageing in small used barrels. Malo completed, bottled without filtration / Handernte zw. 12-14Sep 2017. Rebeln, Pressen, etwas Maischekontakt, Vergoren & Ausgebaut in gebrauchten Holzfässern. Abgefüllt ohne Filtration
Empfohlene Trinktemperatur fresh from the fridge
Bemerkungen Ages super well & benefits from a bit of air / caraffing. / Altert super – profitiert vom Karaffieren,


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