A Delicious Revolution

„This idea that I am talking about is delicious…this is about sitting with your friends & family & eating together & even cooking together. This is about human values that that we forgot about. This is is addressing the issue of loneliness, this is addressing the issue of meaningless work. We are cooking something that makes other people happy, we are falling in love with nature, we are seeing the trees turn color, we are having an everyday pleasure of that, we are engaging in the beauty & the biodiversity…and that`s, that`s what is going to make the revolution, if you will. I call it a delicious revolution“.

Alice Waters is one of the most influential figures in cooking over the last 50 years. Founded the iconic „Chez Panisse“ back in 1971. Pioneered the „Farm to table“ movement back then. Such an inspiration. So much beauty in her way to look at things. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone of us knew at least one farmer by name? One farm somewhere near, where we go every now & then to buy our apples, our potatoes, vegies, have a quick chat with the family producing our food, finding out about how the harvest went? Wouldnt that be fun & rewarding? Delicious Revolution!!

(if pressed for time, my main highlights came from min39/min40 onwards)

Further memorable quotes form the cast:

  • „We need to talk about taking care of the land for the future….Talking about how dependent & how easy it is to have a relationship with the farmer & how really exciting it is to talk to that person on the phone or to see the farm & talk about the planting & all of that.
  • when we can find a way to bring culture to agriculture, when we can bring security to the farmers who take care of the land, when we can buy directly from them they will want to take care of nature“
  • “I dont believe in the miss of a fast food culture, food is precious. Food is precious. It can be affordable, it can be inexpensive if you know how to cook…if you do not buy fast-food, if we buy the food from the people who are doing it right“
  • “it s about winning people over, it s not by overthrowing it s not by separating, we need the biodiversity of people just like we need biodiversity in nature to survive.”


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