Angels kissing spring: Birdscape 2018.

Single Barrel, Single Vineyard, Pink Maceration. In between rosé & red. All about cherries, red berries, stonefruits, spices. Complexity & depth yet such an incredible flow & mouthwatering freshness, you want to enjoy it nicely chilled at the lake, the pool, in your favorite park, on this beautiful beach, on the balcony, the terrasse, down in the club or a touch more traditional: at a barbecue party with your friends & family.

The label was drawn/designed by Erro – Birdscape! A landscape of birds, an analogy to the vineyard.

The Wine: a single barrel bottling of a vineyard within the community of Purbachs “Thenau” site, approximately 200m above sealevel. The soils range from slate to calcarious to quarz & the vines reflect this variety. Christian has vinified together “Blaufränkisch”, Pinot Noir but also some white grapes. Its called “Gemischter Satz” around the area as different grape varieties that are growing within the same vineyard are combined into one wine. A gentle 11.5% & a beautifully bright blood-red appearance.

The single barrel bottled here was a 2500l Stockinger & if you run the numbers: there`s just little over 3000 bottles out there!


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