Strawberries & Syrah. A match made in heaven.

Pretty much a year ago. Tain l`Hermitage. We sat on the little garden table outside the kitchen & had just finished the fried potatoes Francois had digged out of the “K” vineyard & then fried in butter & olive oil. “Dessert?” he wondered. “Avec plaisir” I answered in my best possible french accent. So he stood up, walked a few steps into his impressive garden & came back with 2 hands full of fresh strawberries he put on the table in front of us. Some Valrhona chocolate got involved, after all we were just a stonethrow away from the factory. With a grin on his face he said “and you know what, Hermitage 2010! 2010 is my favorite vintage with strawberries, you will see”. He disappeared for a few seconds down into his cellar, came back with a dusty old bottle – cracked it open & poured. What followed was nothing less then the most spectacular, most elegant “food & wine” matching I had ever tasted. It was seducing, it was delicious, both parts played most beautifully together & enhanced each others qualities. The simplicity of it all, just fresh, ripe, sweet strawberries & then this incredibly fine & spicy & subtle Hermitage with it – mindblowing!

If you would like to get a feel for all this, its strawberry season right now! We cant help with any 2010s unfortunately, but we could offer one of the last 3 remaining bottles of Hermitage 2016 to get you as close to that experience as possible. The 2017s would do very nicely also – promised!

In any case, the 2017s of Dard & Ribo are online now & we`re truely excited about each and every one of them!

After Dessert: Dream come true – a tour onto Hermitage with Francois Ribo


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