Bottle Focus : Vino di Anna

Drumroll please! We`re introducing the “Bottle Focus“. Every now & then we`ll zoom into the portfolios of our winemakers available & share context & information about their bottles. What are 1st price wines, top wines, what differentiates them. We will let the wines speak for themselves & if we do a good job: the winemakers philosophy & character will shine through automatically.

To kick this off, we re heading south. To Sicily`s legendary Etna. Volcano, black soils, lava streams, cold nights, hot days, incredible views of the mediterranean sea. We`re heading towards Solichiata, a village which is home to the first serious Pizza & Wine place we had the joy of visiting & which is also home to famous winemakers such as Anna Martens & Eric Narioo/Vino di Anna.

Anna, Eric & their young, energetic team produce a lovely variety of wines – each one reflecting the terroir of this mystic mountains northface given the purity of their work – yet also reflecting Anna & Erics individual wine journeys & tastes. Theyve travelled the wine road, theyre experienced oenologists & tasters & they know what they`re after.

Big Picture: When looking at their bottles we like to put them into 2 different categories: Blends of different vineyards from “lower” altitude vineyards & single vineyard/higher altitude bottlings. As you`d expect, Anna & Eric are having a more hands on, more creative impact on the blends where they`re after a certain style, a certain taste they perceive as typical for this area & they want to share. The single vineyard/higher altitude bottlings are all about giving us a pure, vibrant expression of Etna`s high altitude north face, from parcels that are 1000 meters above sea level, with strong winds, cold nights & deep & black volcanic soils.

Zooming in:

Blends/Lower Altitude vineyards:

  • Palmento Rosso 2018. Favorite vintage so far. The name derives from their 250+ year old “Palmento” – a structure carved into the rock in which you can press grapes by foot, collect the juice & ferment it. We recommend this to start your journey into the tasty universe of Vino di Anna. The freshness reminds us of Etnas special terroir & the incredible flow of this juicy ruby red really invites you to want to try more.
  • Palmento Bianco 2018. Propper field blend of various local white grapes. Half of it skin macerated for 1 week to tickle out more structure & mouthfeel, the other half directly pressed. Stainless Steel for a completely neutral, immediate reflection of fruit. Think of aromatic grapes, ripe lemons, grapefruit but subtle, elegant, just 11.5% alcohol & dangerously gentle on the palate. Big Like for Apéros of all kinds.
  • Palmentino 2016. A blend of micro-vinifications from different parcels. Basically Palmentos little brother. Why “little” given the wine is so much darker, has more power, more body, more everything? Not sure really – the quality is the same – it just happens to come at a better price tag.
  • Jeudi 15, Rosado 2018. A true luxury rosé. I mean, 90-100 year old vines, 800m altitude – not quite the usual “Rosé” environment, is it. It just happened to be cold & miserable down there 2018 which is why Anna took them in early & made her first rosé. What joy!

Single vineyard/Higher Altitude vineyards:

  • Qvevri 2016. Nerello Mascalese with tiny quantities of Nerello Capuccio & Alicante growing there. 60-100 year old bush vines growing at high altitude (800-1000meters), long maceration, fermented & aged in georgian amphoras, no SO2 at all.
  • Qvevri “Tataraci” 2016. Nerello Mascalese grown above 1000m of altitude, some Alicante growing along. 2m maceration & fermentation in georgian clay amphoras, after pressing 1 amphora was filled with the wine & given time to age. One of our favorite wines from Mt Etna ever – amazing crimson red colour, vibrant flavours of blueberries, cranberries, laser alike but beautifully gentle acidity forcing the next sip…a truely great wine from great & very special terroir.


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