Les Dolomies – Electric Savagnin straight out of the jurassic hills.

Beautiful Jura – or as I like to call it, the “Shire” of the natural wine world. Gentle Hills, forrests, meadows, vineyards – a lovely mix that both looks & feels good. Home of some of the most famous 1st generation producers & ofcourse home of “Savagnin“, this beautiful grape variety some call “Heida” over here (& they usually destroy it with residual sugar). In Austria or eastern/central europe they call it “Traminer”, so the variety is really not that obscure or rare as you might have thought. But its true magic, its ageability, its mineral grip is something we “natural wine nerds” love about Jura. The climatic conditions, the soils & ofcourse tradition here are suited perfectly to give us crystal clear, bone dry, highly complex white wines with flavour profiles around nuts, honey, citrus fruits, green herbal sides maybe. It`s never loud, never super fruity – its elegance is subtle & refined.

The wines of Celine & Steve Gormally, a.k.a “Les Dolomies” are wonderful expressions of jurassic Savagnin. They are vinified in a rather traditional way, using delicious grapes from sustainably farmed vineyards, old barriques, & lots of time. No additives, tiny quantities of SO2 to protect its crystal clear profile & a light filtration. Thats it. Celine & Steve dont see themselves as natural wine heros or trendsetters – theyre humble, hard working people who had to somach some seriously bad years due to frost & hail. This is why they decided to vinify 2017 a tiny touch more cautiously then former vintages (in terms of SO2 dosage) & this is also why these wines are so perfectly suited to introduce the wine lover to this lovely grape variety!

View out of the CroixSarrant vineyard


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