MAGS ARE BETTER: Vignes du Maynes!

Manganite 2009 – Love at first sip

2009 Manganite was our first one. This game-changing Gamay out of the legendary “Clos des Vignes du Maynes” (founded back in 910, organic since 1954, 3rd Generation of Natural Wine Making). And it was love at first sip. The next one we`ll pop open will be this 2012 Aragonite pictured on the right, given to us by a dear friend down in Banyuls-sur-Mer. And apart from the magic contents – we are also deeply in love with this slightly pudgy shape of the magnums! You need to touch them, to pour from them to fully grasp what we mean.

Want to start your own selection of these beauties? We can currently only offer Aragonite 2016 & very, very few bottles of Manganite 2013 (pls contact us for further info on these aged beauties).


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