In this case: because the wine loves being aged in Magnums &&&& because there is nothing else left of this divine juice. We d happily keep them in our own cellar but we respect Ewald way too much & want to represent him as good as we can. So, let us state some facts so nobody can accuse us of not telling them: Ex Vero 2015 was a phenomenal vintage & sold out way too quickly. 2016 has been released, but as there wasnt any Morillon (frost, ice, most of the harvest lost) it is made out of Sauvignon only. A game changer, kind of. Quite exciting, really delicious also – but not as we used to know Ex Vero.

After various phone calls & an almost embarrassing amount of begging from my side we got allocated 24 MAGs of the remaining Ex Vero II, 2015s. 8 of which are available here on this website now. The other 16 you wonder? Are being allocated to long standing restaurant partners who would kill us otherwise.


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