Jacques Lassaigne, La Colline Inspirée


Bone dry, zero dosage, crisp, mineral, super chalky, stony at first, only slowly releasing its full fruit potential, but then seducing you with flavours of toasted almonds, apricots etc. Chardonnay, made from top quality grapes, aged in old jurassic oak barrels Manu sourced from his buddy FanFan. The bubbles come on top – as an extra – as does the impact of the autolyse, the ageing on fine lees. But without a doubt, this wine would taste wonderful even if it had lost all of the sparkles.



Grape Variety / Traubensorte Chardonnay
SO2 (Sulphites) Added Nothing.
Alc. 12.5
Flascheninhalt 0.75
Soils / Böden Chalk. Montgueux & the soils are frequently referred to as the “Montrachet” of the Champagne Region / Kalk. Montgueux & seine Böden werden oft auch als “Montrachet” der Champagne bezeichnet.
Vinification Aged for 12-24mths in jurassic barrels.
Empfohlene Trinktemperatur Fresh from the fridge. But dont put on ice, wait a little. It is a real wine & ard 12° you get most of the taste / Frisch aus dem Kühlschrank – dann aber wärmer werden lassen. Uns gefällt es bei 12 Grad am Besten.
Bemerkungen Keep a glass aside. Wait till the bubbles have disappeared. Re-taste. It is in that stage, that truely great champagne shows its magic (or its poorness)

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