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The Chardonnay Masterclass

Donnerstag, Oktober 3, 2019

Great, emotional Chardonnays – both. Yet if enjoyed together they’re nothing less then one of the coolest & most delicious wine-lessons you can experience. Same vintage, same vines,…

Long awaited arrival: 2018 Mauvais Temps!

Freitag, September 27, 2019

So ready for all this. So ready for a bit of grey skies, raindrops, all these wonderful colors, the fresh air & the whole beautiful package that Is…

Eric Kamm: Pinot Gris Pirate.

Samstag, September 7, 2019

Pinot. Pinot Gris! That colour u wonder? Skins of that variety’s grapes are always leaning towards red – yet usually pressed directly. It s the fermentation on skins…

Pauline Broqua – delicious wines from the middle of nowhere

Mittwoch, Juli 17, 2019

When I left the motorway I could hardly believe it. Another 1.5hours? On such little tiny streets? Up & down, left & right? Wow! I had known that…

Maison Libre goes “Academie du Vin”

Sonntag, Juli 7, 2019

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass unser lieber Hagen (a.k.a Insta: “la_soif_et_moi”) von der führenden Sommelierschule der Schweiz, der Académie du Vin gebeten wurde ein abendfüllendes Atelier zum Thema Vins Libres,…

Angels kissing spring: Birdscape 2018.

Montag, Juni 17, 2019

Single Barrel, Single Vineyard, Pink Maceration. In between rosé & red. All about cherries, red berries, stonefruits, spices. Complexity & depth yet such an incredible flow & mouthwatering…

Les Dolomies – Electric Savagnin straight out of the jurassic hills.

Montag, Juni 10, 2019

Beautiful Jura – or as I like to call it, the “Shire” of the natural wine world. Gentle Hills, forrests, meadows, vineyards – a lovely mix that both…

Strawberries & Syrah. A match made in heaven.

Sonntag, Juni 9, 2019

Pretty much a year ago. Tain l`Hermitage. We sat on the little garden table outside the kitchen & had just finished the fried potatoes Francois had digged out…

Endlich. Die 2017er von Andreas Tscheppe

Samstag, Juni 8, 2019

Was haben wir gewartet. Jahrelang. Wer hätte sich auch vorstellen können, dass gleich mehrere Jahrgänge durch Frost, Hagel – die Widrigkeiten der Natur zerstört werden? Aber nun ist…

A Delicious Revolution

Freitag, April 12, 2019

„This idea that I am talking about is delicious…this is about sitting with your friends & family & eating together & even cooking together. This is about human…


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